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La tana gourmet chef dal degan

Chef Alessandro Dal Degan

The Tana Gourmet (tana is the italian word for “pit”) was born in Asiago from an idea of the chef Alessandro Dal Degan.
The restaurant is located inside an old building, built around the end of the First World War.
The building was initially a stable then a safe place for travellers.
The restaurant offers an high quality food. It has also a private vegetables garden that increase the quality of the food served there.
In 2016 the restaurant received the first Michelin star.

Talking about the chef Alessandro Dal Degan, it’s important to know he didn’t work fo any famous restaurants, but he built his experience by studying alone.
First experience in a restaurant was in 2005 at the restaurant Al Galoppada as a sous chef.
After few other experiences in two different restaurants, he decided to open the Tana Gourmet and in 2013 he was nominated “best emergent chef” by the Espresso Guide.

The products of the restaurant

Piatto Legno

“I like to pay tribute to nature and pay homage to those who produce”