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Matias Perdomo

Ristorante Contraste

Contraste is a new restaurant in Milan (it opened on the 1st September 2016), that is already famous in the city.
The chef, Matias Perdomo, after he left the restaurant Pont de Ferr, decided to open the restaurant with his two inseparable friends, Thomas Piras and Simon Press.
The idea of these three men was to create something unique and innovative in the elegant city of fashion: at the center of everything there is the client. The Chef is there to create the right food for the client by talking to him, discovering his tastes and delivering him an innovative final product.

The products of the restaurant

ceramica fatta a mano a forma di nuvola

Centerpiece Nuvola

made in italy cozza in ceramica

Plate Cozza

Matias Perdomo maialino by punto soavve

Plate Maialino

piatto in ceramica fatto a mano made in italy

Plate Cilindro