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chef matteo metullio

Chef Matteo Metullio

Matteo Metullio was born in Trieste, 3rd March 1989.
During the winter season 2012/2013, and after few experiences in famous restaurants as the Rosa Apina guided by the chef Niederkofler, he worked as a sous chef for the restaurant “la Siriola”, located inside the Hotel Ciasa Salares, property of the Wieser Family.
the following spring, the family proposed to Matteo to become the first chef of the restaurant.
Such trust was well placed: the restaurant manteins the Michelin star and Matteo is officially the youngest chef to receive it, making him also an example of the italian cuisine during the “chef next generation”exhibition in Berlin in 2013.

The key words to describe the Siriola are passion and freshness.
The staff is all young and this is not an impediment but it’s the key to success. The will to grow better and to become the best by offering an excellent quality in term of foods and drinks leads the staff to create new drinks and cocktails for the clients, to make them feel confortable and spoiled.

The products of the restaurant

porta burro fatto a mano artigianalmente


Porta pane fatto a mano artigianale

Porta Pane

Piatto vetro artigianale chef metullio

Plate Bolla

aperitivo piatto artigianale made in italy

Plate Aperitivo

“Today we need to rediscover the quality of the ingredients that we get; and is the quality of the raw materials that we start our daily search “