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IYO ristorante chef biassoni

Chef Michele Biassoni

Iyo is the main restaurant owned by the Liu family.
This chinese family is very professional and offer, in the city center of Milan, an oriental cuisine with some traits of mediterrean, and the result is a fusion cuisine that has a solid respect for italian traditions.
It’s the only fusion restaurant that has won the Michelin star, thanks to the Chef Michele Biassoni and thanks to the collaboration with Haruo Ichikawa: these two chefs, so different for culture and culinary knowledges, create an original mix of traditions that surprise the clients for its creativity.

The products of the restaurant


Plate Onda

Punto Soave Iyo retaurant

Plate Pioppo

Iyo ristorante milano

Porta Stuzzichini

“Where everything is light and at the same precious time”