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enzo bellia castel fragsburg

Chef Enzo Bellia

The Castel Fragsburg restaurant is located on the heights of the Merano valley, clinging to the sunny slopes of the Dolomites inside the elegant 17th-century hunting pavilion with noble origins, transformed into the most intimate of charming hotels.
Here is a kitchen that blends creatively ingredients and flavors of the territory extruding them from the heavy Tyrolean cuisine in a gorgeous setting.

The kitchen is entrusted to the expert hands of Chef Enzo Bellia young Sicily, who, as a true artist, creates a great gourmet cuisine that is at the highest level.
He has demonstrated his talent by working with Gualtiero Marchesi and Massimiliano Alajmo, the finest chefs in Italy.


The products of the restaurant

Plate Pane

Plate ceramic

Plate Piccione

Plate Castello

Complemento in vetro artigianale

Plate Corno