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Chef daniel Facen

Chef Daniel Facen

Daniel Facen is the chef of the reataurant A’Anteprima di Chiuduno, that wins one Michelin star in 2009.
Chef Facen has a lot of experience, not only because he worked as a chef for italian and abroad, but also because he was a teacher for ASCOM; for the Politecnico di Milano, a famous university in the city; and for a cooking school in Trentino.

He is so well known thanks for his molecular cuisine, which is the real main character in his reastaurant Anteprima.
Here the guests can be part of the plate they order by watching its preparation directly through the glasses that divide the kitchen from the main room, or by the small cameras that spies the work of the chefs in the kitchen.

The products of the restaurant

made in italy tronco daniel facen

Plate Tronco