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Punto Soave Cerea Da Vittorio

Chef Enrico and Roberto Cerea

Da Vittorio is one of the most important restaurants in the whole area and boasts the beauty of 3 Michelin stars, the highest recognition for catering.
The raw materials are of the highest quality and travel from places of origin, to the inside of the starred restaurant’s kitchen.
The kitchen is masterly managed by the brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea.

A cuisine that blends Lombard tradition with creative genius and fantasy, to reach the pinnacle of culinary perfection that satisfies all the palates.

In the superb management of the main room, Francesco and Rossella Cerea are delighted to complete an experience that can be considered unique in Da Vittorio‘s restaurant, as shown by the many awards and achievements achieved.

The products of the restaurant

"Lombard Tradition and Creative Genius"