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Chef Alberto Buratti

Alberto Buratti is a very young chef that grew up surrounded by professional chefs, as Ezio Santin and Massimo Bottura. He worked for both of the mas a first chef, and those four years with them are one of the experience that form him as a chef beside his period abroad in Bilbao.
Now he is the chef-patron of his restaurant, the Koinè in Legnano (MI).
Koinè is a greek word that indicates a common language used by different people of different cultures to communicate.
This word is very powerful if we apply it in the kitchen: different tecniques, different flavours, different products, all united under one creative and modern cuisine.

The products of the restaurant

Porta pane artigianale made in italy


Plate Mare

sfera koinè

Plate Sfera

In our travels we discovered new flavors and fragrances, and now we want to bring them to our tables