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Cocktail bar 1930

During the years of prohibitionism, in the USA there were a lot of secret bars, the so called “speakeasy”. In 2013, in Milan, two charismatic men, Flavio Angiolino and Marco Russo, owners of the Mag Cafè, opened a secret bar, “The 1930”, where to drink cocktails and good quality whiskies.

But, here it comes the fun part!
Only if you can persuade the owners you can be invited, because only they know where it is located!

The products of the restaurant

vetro soffiato fatto a mano

Glass Mela

chicco di riso bicchiere per cocktail

Glass Chicco di riso

bicchiere cocktail per 1930 milano

Glass Caronte

bicchiere di design artigianale

Glass Huckleberry Finn