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Search for new challenges

The materials that we mainly use are wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal. Our project is fundamentally inspired to the harmonious lines of the nature, adapted in a culinary/gastronomic context.

Punto Soave thinks, draws and creates its products following every single process, from the planning to the production of the articles. Every day we search new challenges with the goal of propose unique and original solutions to the daily necessities.

Ceramiche Zanolli

The manufacture was found in the 1921 by the three friends Sebastiano Zanolli, Teodoro Sebellin and Alessandro Zarpellon located in Nove (Vicenza) . The decoration is always made by hand like the most phases of the production of the products.
The technical search is constant and innovative, aim to obtain an excellent product that fully guarantees the satisfaction of the final client. The actual production is still based on the principle of the respect of the times of production of the ceramic products and on the use of refined and selected raw materials.

Torneria Legno Parise

The history of Torneria Parise begins in the house garage, as the greatest part of the Venetian artisan enterprises.
In 1980 the founder amuse itself after the job to do the pieces required by the prosperous industry of the bassanese furniture.
After sometimes these requests became always stronger to turned the passion into a real productive activity.
Since then the activity became more remarkable in order to satisfy the demands of the market:  from the furniture and furnishing industry to the other activities which need turned elements such as: objects, illumination, design and all the other sectors that need pieces generally turned

El Salbaneo

Its activity of curious ceramist is expressed in the production of various objects: from the classic design of the first objects of use to the ironic vein began with the furnishings.
He continues with “cuchi” (the Venetian “whistles”), and the compactness of refractory, with which realised these objects, it passes to the lightness of porcelain with which develops a series of objects in good bright part.


Lucio Facchinello of the company ARSPA operates from over twenty years in the classical furnishings sector. He produces furniture in style of high quality and he is recognised in the market for the careful and contemplated service that he offers to his own clientele.

This company has an ample range of products but also plans and realizes tailored furnishings and furniture: all the models can be made in various type of woods.


Parise Vetro

Parise Vetro® is a creative and artistic workshop of borosilicate blown glass, entirely handmade, result of 50 years of experience. Founded in the early 70s in Marostica (Italy), the company has always been attached to the territory for research, production and protection, with curious and careful eye for new experiments and programs, ensuring quality, uniqueness and “Made in Italy”. Research and experimentation are constant through collaborations with customers, designers, young artists and students, following the potential of blown glass. All glasses are manufactured according to traditional artisan techniques, exclusively in the company located in Marostica, using borosilicate glass of the highest quality.

Ceramics Maroso

Ceramics Maroso since 1978 produces traditional pottery that become classic and modern objects.
Objects of all shapes and sizes, including a wide and sophisticated production of objects for the table.
Advanced search of forms and ideas, have allowed them to be recognized for their work by all their partners.

Larry Ceramics

Larry Ceramics was founded in 1971 by an idea of ​​Guglielmo Della Gassa and his wife Luciana.

Since then produces articles decorated by hand, both in the field of ‘decor and of religion. The decorations are always made exclusively by hand, like many other stages of processing of all the products.