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Search for new challenges

The materials that we mainly use are wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal. Our project is fundamentally inspired to the harmonious lines of the nature, adapted in a culinary/gastronomic context.

Punto Soave thinks, draws and creates its products following every single process, from the planning to the production of the articles. Every day we search new challenges with the goal of propose unique and original solutions to the daily necessities.

Our Ceramists

Punto Soave offers all skills of artisans in the art of ceramic processing to achieve all the forms required by the Chef- Ceramiche Maroso

Our Glaziers

Creative and artistic forges of borosilicate glass, blown, worked entirely by hand, the result of years of experience.
These are the basic characteristics of artisans of glass that work with Punto Soave

Our Porcelanists

The ability to shape porcelain to create any possible shape is the main feature of our porcelain makers! Experience for starred restaurants

Our Wood Craftsmen

One of the strengths of our business is to develop customer design ideas, even using wood! With Punto Soave, work the best craftsmen in woodworking.