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Chef Roy Caceres - Ristorante Metamorfosi

Chef Roy Caceres

Expression of the innovative style of chef Roy Caceres, Metamorfosi is a kitchen project inaugurated in October 2010 and awarded in 2012 with the Michelin Star.
Careful attention to detail, tastes always in balance between tradition and experimentation.
The elegant simplicity of a kitchen that transforms, respects and enhances the deeper identity of products and ingredients, inspired by the natural cycle of seasons.

Roy Salomon Caceres has a very clear and precise idea of the kitchen and what it has to propose, today, a restaurant, in order to offer something more or different that remains impressed in the taste of a customer and convinces him of the need to return to that particular restaurant.

Every recipe, every menu, should be presented as a story to tell; that each dish has the contours of a narration that can evoke memories, emotions, sensory stimuli.

The products of the restaurant