The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity, than the discovery of a new star. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie du Goût, 1825

The aspects that shapes all the products proposed by Punto Soave are multiple, downloading our catalog you get a taste of our work! What are you waiting? The meal is ready!



"One upon a time there was a Recipe. This Recipe was widely regarded as so inviting, well made and very tasty that all the gusts decided to promote it in Food. It was such a happy and successful period for it that in the same plate, she was served every single day, sometimes even twice or more in same meal. Despite of that, the celebrated Food felt like something was still missing, she felt out of place, mediocre, as it was hitting the wrong note. One day, the Food found its confidence and decided to change, to improve itself. It thought about itself very well, wondering why it should always adept itself to that single plate, to that single dress. Why couldn’t it have a tailor made dress? A dress that could bring out its flavor and its special taste, creating a unique and exiting combination? The days passed and all the guests, starved and intrigued, wondered where the special Food was. When it went back, everybody was astonished! It was always the same delicious and unique taste, but the new dress it was wearing, was defining its new, original and perfect signature. That day, in the happiness of all the satisfied diners, the first Dish bore."


Punto Soave's creations include appetizers, first course and second course plates, breadbaskets and pitchers. The aim is, not only, to enhance the presentation but even the taste of a chef’s dishes. By having plates that can be made-to-measure based on a specific dish is not only original but can also enhance all senses, creating a unique and encapsulating dining experience. Punto Soave strives to examine and value all relevant ideas and solutions to complement a chefs inspiration and creativity. Essentially, Punto Soave will become a 'tailor' for chefs offering solutions for their every need when it comes to food presentation. Punto Soave's products are extraordinary, as well as functional, and useable even by everyday cooks and food lovers.

Punto Soave has created the perfect marriage between manufacturing design and culinary tradition. Its ultimate mission is to create and provide a made-to-measure solution for chefs using the long history and knowledge of Italian artisans just as a tailor would create the perfect dress. That is why Punto Soave likes to define itself as the tailors of taste! The materials used are mainly wood, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal. Our research is essentially inspired by the harmonious lines of the nature, adapted to the culinary/gastronomic context. Punto Soave propose itself as a new design reality, opening the door to multiple horizons and combining the creativity of two designers from Bassano; Tomas Bordignon & Nicola Mascarello. Punto Soave studies, designs and produces it products following each single passage close, from the planning to the production of the pieces, (keeping an eye.) Every day we are looking for new challenges with the ultimate goal of unique and original solutions for the daily gastronomic needs.

About us

Tomas Filippo Bordignon

Tomas Filippo Bordignon was born Dec. 17, 1985 in Marostica (VI). He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and a MBA from the CUOA. He lived and worked in Milan and Dublin, and now is ready to surprise everyone with its products!

Nicola Mascarello

Nicola Mascarello was born in Marostica (VI) on April 28, 1986. He has a bachelor’s degree in hotel management School of Castelfranco Veneto. He is pursuing his studies at the AIS and the AMIRA as Maître.



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